About Progressive Foods

Progressive Foods was founded by Rick Wilson, a food service professional with over 20 years of retail experience. From his years of talking and listening to customers and learning their needs and preferences, Rick gained a unique perspective that most wholesalers lack. He realized that in order for retailers to succeed and earn the continuing trust of their customers, they must be able to offer their customers exceptional products. And this insight became the guiding vision behind Progressive Foods: to offer retailers top-notch quality and excellent value that will keep customers coming back for more.Our commitment to quality begins with our ingredients. Our flavorful marinades are made from all-natural ingredients, our pork is sourced from high-quality butcher hogs, and our chicken is all natural – your customers get the pure, unadulterated flavors they expect, plain and simple.

We know that choosy cooks and diners shop with their eyes as well as their palates, so our packaging and presentation are as distinctive as our products. From the bold graphics on our attractive steak boxes to the elegant black or gold backing on our sealed meat packets, our stylish packaging not only protects the integrity of our products, but lets your customers know to expect something special inside.

If you want to grow your sales and experience the personal satisfaction of providing your customers with meat, seafood, and poultry that they’ll love, then you need us on your team. Count on us to deliver the freshness and quality you need, every time.

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Progressive Foods welcomes any feed back, questions or comments about their Culinary Gold products.